Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well what are you waiting for? Can't you see I don't want you anymore? Just get out of here, you stupid, dumb animal!

If that's a phrase you remember then you've probably seen the episode of Spongebob titled "My Pretty Seahorse"
From the Spongebob Wiki:
"It is Springtime in Bikini Bottom, and Patrick is emerging from his rock and storing away his Winter "coat" (sweater), burying it like a dog bone. SpongeBob, meanwhile, proclaims that he has "Spring Fever", and greets the flowers in his yard. When Squidward steps out of his house, SpongeBob asks him if he has said hello to the flowers as well. Squidward does so sarcastically, and the flowers hiss at him, causing him to run inside, terrified. SpongeBob concludes that Squidward has "Hay Fever" and, as an act of kindness, decides to plant him some hypoallergenic flowers. He does so, and the moment he takes his eyes off the flower to grasp the watering can, he discovers it's been eaten. Surprised, he plants another one, which meets the same fate as he again reaches for the watering can. Determined, he plants another one and doesn't take his eyes off of it for 3 days, but when he does, it gets eaten. SpongeBob then discovers that the culprit is a green seahorse. SpongeBob is fascinated and imagines him and the horse together riding, and decides to tame her.
Later, as he watches the seahorse, it is lured toward him his floral bookmark, which it eats. They become friends and begin to ride around and do things together. As Squidward is biking to work the next morning, SpongeBob races past him on his horse, which he has named "Mystery". Squidward then rides off a cliff and causes a nuclear explosion when he hits the ground. When SpongeBob reaches work, he leaves Mystery outside at the bike post. Two fish approach Mystery and mistake her for a kiddy ride. One suggests the other to try it out, and when he inserts a coin into her "slot", Mystery kicks him into the distance, and he blows up on impact. The other fish runs away screaming, causing Mr. Krabs to come out and see what the trouble is. He sees Mystery and mistakes her for a monster; SpongeBob tells him she is his pet, but even though she is harmless to SpongeBob and not the others, he is ordered to get rid of it and if he disreguards his order, he will be fired for not cooperateing with him.
SpongeBob attempts to hide her in a cupboard in the kitchen until Patrick finishes building a stable. SpongeBob offers Mystery a Krabby Patty, which the horse begins craving after eating. After she craves, Mr. Krabs overhears this noice, and angrliy comes in and confronts SpongeBob, threatening to fire him if he sees Mystery still here, but, however, he dosen't see her and leaves. After narrowly avoiding being caught by Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob realizes he has to be more careful. Squidward catches Mystery after an order goes missing, and Mystery goes on an eating frenzy while a crowd of customers became angry. Mr. Krabs finaly catches SpongeBob nursing a sick Mystery in the kitchen, who is suffering from a stomach ache, now knowing that he had broke the rule. Mr. Krabs then gets angry at him and tells him he is going to get rid of both, Mystery and SpongeBob, who is responsible for breaking and disreaguarding the rule, himself, but SpongeBob pleads for mercy, explaining that Mystery is her friend and that he loves her.
Mr. Krabs, feeling sympathy for SpongeBob, tells him a story of his favorite dollar and how he eventually spent it for a soda on a hot day. He tells SpongeBob that Mystery needs to be freed because the indoors in not a place for a wild animal, and SpongeBob consents and takes the horse out the front door where he makes her leave. He cries as she leaves without hesitation. Mr. Krabs comforts SpongeBob until Squidward shows him an empty safe. Realizing that Mystery ate the Krusty Krab's finances, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs chase after her. The show ends with Patrick trying to get into a hat store, but the wooden plank nailed to his head blocks his way."

Now that we've got the plot down, it's time to get to my review of the episode:

Plot: 7/10
Reason: The plot is very childish with very childish jokes that anyone can get, this is both posiitve and negative making it boring for older watchers while more exciting for the younger.

Enjoyment: 7/10
Reason: Same as above.

Overall ranking: 7/10
The episode is an average Spongebob episode consisting of childish jokes and small minded humor for those reasons it has achieved a very average ranking of 7 due to its lack of anything exceptional


  1. haha, i love this :D +follow

  2. Oh man I fucking love spongebob, great review.

  3. Not one of my favorite episodes. I agree, it's about a 6 or 7.

  4. I really like that episode. The seahorse is quite cute

  5. I dunno i find this episode quite amusing, not as good a sailor mouth though!

  6. One of the good sponge bob episodes for sure. I stopped watching it after the movie came out, which I believe is in 2004, it got pretty terrible after that.

  7. Great review! i havnt seen spongebob in years, and im sure that back then i didnt look at it as detailed as you. im gonna go watch it sometime and take a closer look lol

  8. Cheers for the review, seems to have been well recieved.

  9. Hahahaha, good times. I loved this episode.