Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Looking to add fulfillment to your dull, dull life? Then become a part of the greatest musical sensation ever to hit Bikini Bottom and be forever adored by thousands of people you don't know.

From the Spongebob Wiki:
"Squidward gets a call from his high school classmate, Squilliam Fancyson, who is very successful and has succeeded in everything that Squidward failed in. He asks Squidward for his band to substitute for his own at the Bubble Bowl (a parody of football events such as the Super Bowl), believing (correctly) that he does not have one, However, Squidward denies that he doesn't have a band and accepts the offer. He assembles a large marching band, comprised of various Bikini Bottomites, including all the other main characters.
During their one week of training, the band performs consistently badly and fails to improve at all. This Includes the Drummers throwing the sticks pinning Squidward to the wall and Patrick and Sandy get in a fight when he kicks Sandy, as a result he gets a trombone stuck up him. (He thought the figure of speech 'Start kicking' meant to kick someone).
On day two, while practicing a march, two flag twirlers are killed when they fly into the air and crash into a blimp, as result of them spinning too fast, at Squidward's demand. They all mourn and play 'Taps', except for Squidward, who just collapses to the ground.On the third day, Plankton plays his harmonica, but becomes exhausted from having to run from one place to another since he is very small and collapses. On the last day of practice, Squidward says if everyone plays loud they'll be good but instead they play so bad Squidward changes the idea of loud to quiet. A heckler gets upset when he is accused of bad playing then Mr. Krabs gets in the idea and everyone gets into a huge brawl smashing the instruments and hurting people offensively until the end of class. At this time, a grieving Squidward expresses his disappointment in all of them and goes home to grieve over his failure. However, SpongeBob convinces them to go through with the performance for Squidward's sake. He says that if Squidward were someone who did something they'd never forget then maybe they should do something for him. So he takes command of their training.
On the day of the concert, Squilliam shows up to see Squidward's failure, and he claims that his band died in a marching accident. However, Squidward's band shows up and he is forced to go through with the performance. They enter a large glass dome, which rises up and takes them to a live-action football field for a team called the Showboats, complete with human fans. Squidward turns his head away from the band before they begin, assuming that the performance will be a disaster, but the band is tremendously successful, playing a rock ballad of Sweet Victory. Squilliam goes into a state of shock and faints from a heart attack, leaving Squidward to celebrate his "Sweet Victory"."
Probably one of my favorite episodes of any TV show, now my boner for this episode aside it's time to give a honest, flacid review.

Plot: 7/10
The plot in "Band Geeks" is quite typical in the sense of a bunch of newcomers coming together to complete a common goal, often in a humorous way.

Enjoyment: 8/10
The episode has quite a few funny jokes for children and adults, however it get's dull at some points. The music performance at the end really boosts this episode's ranking.


  1. one of my favorite episodes!

  2. Mine too! I love the part where the color guard guys kill them selves and the brass section starts playing that song.

  3. dont remember seeing this one, but i'll keep in mind next time i'll watch it :)

  4. Ahh spongebob those were the days :P. Don't think i remember this episode but probably have seen it because i've watched heaps when i was a kid

  5. When spongebob first came around me and my sister sat on the couch and watched it in the mornings, it was a good show and it seemed to bring the family together. Even my dad watched it with us lol.

  6. interesting! :)

  7. i watch spongebob all the time! ha. we have 2 Nickelodeon channels here and its usually on both. +1

  8. lol! do they have spongebob on netflix? i need to start watching it again!