Sunday, June 26, 2011


From the Courage Wiki:
"Muriel is the show's damsel in distress. Due to her kindness and sweet, naïve nature, she is an easy (and often attractive) target for villains. She is always nice to strangers, invites them into her home, and fails to see when they are plotting. Fortunately, she has Courage to save the day. He also helps her in many of her household duties."

Muriel is portrayed as a sweet old lady who loves her dog courage, she is a simple down to earth housewife, and because of that she is often the first to get in trouble with the monsters. She loves courage unlike Eustace  and often beats her husband for treating courage the wrong way.

Character rating: 6/10

Muriel is a simple character that repeats the same things over and over and over again through each episode never really changing. For this reason I've lowered her score. However she is a very good supporting character as she helps courage a long and is often saved by him.


  1. I think one of the best episodes with her was that one where the tornado goes through the house and she becomes a kid again. It was a really interesting step in a different direction for the show.

  2. Same here....I think they still show re-runs....I need to relive those moments!

  3. I liked the episode, when they were mistakenly changing their heads, because some apocalyptic horsemen chopped them off haha.

  4. haha loved this show, definitely following

  5. I would give her heavy body armor and a really menacing axe.

  6. Loved this show. Sadly the first 5 times I ever watched it, it was literally the same episode.